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Be sure to bring your binder and pen to class everyday!

Extra help is available! Ms Morgan’s schedule for Semester Two 2015:

Period 1: French FSF 1D1 (Room 2045)

Period 2:Prep (Room 2045)

Period 3:  Careers (Room 2045)

Period 4: French FSF 2D1 (Room 2045)

Period 5: MSIP (Room 2029)

MSIP slips are available before school and after school in Room 2045.

        Civics (CHV 2OH) is a half credit course that runs from February 2 - April 15, 2015. Remember that there is a final culminating activity (20% of your final mark) called the Citizen's Handbook due Monday, April 13 as well as a final exam (10% of your final mark) on Wednesday, April 15.

Course outline for CHV 2OH:   CHV course outline0.pdf

Achieve now - exempt later!: By meeting all of the criteria for this course, you can be exempt from completing the final exam. The criteria are: term mark of 70%, all major assignments completed (including the course culminating activity), no suspensions from school and regular attendance in class (maximum 5 absences) and MSIP. You will be informed of your exemption status on Tuesday, April 14.

Citizen's Handbook project outline (worth 20% of your final mark):   citizens handbook.pdf   citizen handbook rubric0.pdf

If you wish to type your article summaries, here is a copy of the Newspaper Article Summary Template that you can use in Word or Open Office citizens handbook.docPlease be aware that you will need to print a copy of this document each time that you create a summary, email assignments are NOT acceptable for this project.

For the Citizen's Handbook project, you might consider consulting some of the following websites to help you find appropriate articles. If in doubt about the article that you are interested in, please ask!

You will be notified in April if you are exempt from writing the final exam. In order to be exempt, you must meet all of the criteria (all major assignments, including the course culminating activity, the Citizens Handbook, submitted, less than 5 absences, no suspensions) to be exempt. If you are exempt and choose to write the final exam, your mark cannot decrease.

Local Issues:
The Niagara Falls Review [ ]
The St. Catharines Standard[ ]
The Welland Tribune, [ ]
Niagara This Week[ ]

Provincial / National / International Issues:
The Toronto Star[ ]
The Globe and Mail [ ]

Week One: February 2 - 6

  • Canadian and American symbols - select 2 from each column and be prepared to defend your choice
  • Youtube link to "I Am Canadian" video:
  •  "What does being a Canadian mean to me? - complete the brainstorming activity. You are encouraged to consult other people about their perception of what being a Canadian means to them. Then, write a one page journal entry on what you think being a Canadian means (be sure to consult the evaluation rubric)
  • Read this article from the Toronto Star and complete the article summary template - this assignment is to be handed in on Tuesday, February 10 at the beginning of the class
Week Two: February 9 - 13
  • space pioneers activity: starting individually, in partners and in ever-growing groups, experience the challenges of reaching consensus
  • structure of Canadian government
  • you are political reading and questions
  • Thursday, February 12: you will be in Lab 1100 and must find and PRINT one article to include in your culminating activity (it may be a local, provincial / national or international issue). Complete the yellow summary sheet and be prepared to hand in BOTH the article and the completed summary as checkpoint #1 on Tuesday February 17
  • democratic concepts - complete the reading handout with each of the terms we discussed in class Friday
Week Three: February 16 - 20
  • Happy Family Day - February 16
  • Checkpoint #1: Tuesday February 17 is the due date for the first article that you have found, printed and summarized for your course culminating activity (20% of your final mark). You may choose to complete an article on a local issue, a provincial / national issue or an international issue that relates to Canada
  • leadership styles: autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire, complete the Who's the Boss activity (leadership style and justification)
  • outer space experience (in groups) and debriefing questions
  • Life in Totalitaria - answer the questions based on the reading and your opinions and hand in on Friday
  • Friday: work period to complete Checkpoint #2
Week Four: February 23 - 27
  • Checkpoint #2: Monday February 23 is the due date for the second article that you have found, printed and summarized for your course culminating activity (20% of your final mark). You may choose to complete an article on a local issue, a provincial / national issue or an international issue that relates to Canada, but you cannot choose an article from the same category as you did for checkpoint #1.
  • How should government work? - read and complete the 3 questions on the handout and ask an adult (non-student) what their answer to question #1 would be
  • laws versus policies - complete question #3 on the handout
  • fact sheet: government in Canada and accompanying question sheet (you may search on the Internet for the answer to the last question)
Week Five: March 2 - 6
  • Checkpoint #3: Monday March 2 is the due date for the third article that you have found, printed and summarized for your course culminating activity (20% of your final mark). You may choose to complete an article on a local issue, a provincial / national issue or an international issue that relates to Canada, but you cannot choose an article from the same category as you did for checkpoint #1 or checkpoint #2.
  • my daily activities chart
  • levels or government and their respective responsibilities  levels of government dsbn.pdf
  • for Monday: complete the handout with an appropriate level of government and what the specific area of responsibility would be based on the description  
  • NIMBY simulation  
Week Six: March 9 - 13
  • decision making in municipal politics - work in your assigned groups and be ready to present your completed city plan and rationale on Wednesday  municipal decision making project.pdf
  • using the information from the presentations on Wednesday, complete the debriefing task by answering the two questions on the handout (my top 3 and lowest 3 priorities and my rationale for each), and writing a 250 word journal entry on topic #1 on the reverse, municipalities face many challenges today, making specific reference to challenges faced by our municipality, Niagara Falls - hand in by the end of the period on Friday, March 13 municipal govt debrief and essay.pdf
Week Seven: March 23 - 27
  • questions: Government Structures and how they help us live together
  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (find the section that is appropriate for each scenario)
  • power vs. priviledge
  • political spectrum survey: be sure to complete the survey and be prepared to declare your score on the survey (a number between 0 - 200)
  • in your assigned groups, create a political campaign - choose your candidate and prepare your platform using Google Drive (add me as a part of your group - - speeches and debates will take place in class on Tuesday  political spectrum platform.pdf
Week Eight: March 30 - April 3
  • candidate debates and question period take place in class on Tuesday, March 31
  • political spectrum election
  • essay assignment: write your own political platform based on the questions and relate your platform to one of Canada's national parties for Wednesday, April 8political spectrum essay.pdf

Week Nine: April 6 - 10
  • action vs inaction
  • film: Hotel Rwanda
  • all project components for the course culminating activity are due on Monday
Week Ten: April 13 - 17
  • Citizen's Handbook project is due (20% of your final mark) - bring all of your project materials to class to be handed in by the end of the period (11:50) on Monday, April 13 - email assignments are not acceptable for this project
  • students who are exempt from writing the final exam will be notified on Tuesday, April 14. Be sure to review the criteria for exemption from the exam. Until you receive notification otherwise, you should be prepared to write the exam.
  • Final Exam in Civics is Wednesday, April 15 (in-class)  exam outline.pdf
  • the Civics portion of the course (0.5 credit) is now completed

  • Bridge Project: a Canadian that I admire - presentations on. All of the details of the assignment are here:citizens making a difference 2.pdf
  • present your project to the class on Tuesday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 22 about a Canadian making a difference in the world and complete the debriefing sheet to be handed in on Friday, April 24   admirable Canadian debrief.pdf
Week Eleven: April 20 - 24
  • beginning of the Career Studies course: Review the course outline which was handed out on the first day of the course and be aware of the course expectations, mark distribution and units of study in the course.
  • Course Outline: course outline.pdf
  • Useful links as you begin your career search:
                        Career Interest game
                        Career Cruising

        Interesting article from Yahoo about  interviews

Presentations on Prezi or Google Docs (shared with me: will begin during the last week of regular classes (beginning on Monday, June 8), continuing until all presentations are completed.

  • my personal  traits: complete column A on the white sheet about yourself, have someone from outside Westlane who knows you very well complete Column B on the purple sheet about you without your input
Week Twelve: April 27 - May 1
  • personal traits and careers
  • my personal traits - compare your results with the survey completed by someone you know very well
  • compare your results on the white survey page with the results on the purple survey page and complete the handout 'My Personal Traits' to add to your career portfolio
  • factors shaping our personal traits - complete the handout My First Week and place it in your yellow folder
  • EXPLORATIONS booklets - complete the survey and place the reslts page into your yellow folder along with the career web diagram
  • 'Tell Me About Yourself' paragraphs
Week Thirteen: May 4 - 8
  • Hour Republic - this is how you will be tracking your community service hours. Be sure to bring any unsubmitted community service hours with you to class on Monday, along with the email address for a parent / guardian to enter into the program
  • from the Westlane website, log in to e-Learning and click on Career Cruising. Click on Assessments and complete all 116 questions on the Career Matchmaker quiz. Then complete the 36 Skills questions and print your results.
  • Thursday, May 7: in your assigned groups, create a Google presentation that you will be presenting as a group to the class on Friday (it MUST be shared with me that answers the questions in this document about all of the members of your group:  color group questions.pdf
  • Personality Dimensions: an overview
Week Fourteen:May 11 - 15
  • quiz: Personality Dimensions colour groups
  • Our Ideal Learning Environment project: create your group's ideal learning environment and present it to the class on Wednesday, May 13
  • course culminating activity: you have signed up for a career that you will be researching and presenting to the class. Here are the project expectations:  final project outline.pdf

Week Fifteen: May 18 - 22
  • Tuesday is a work period for your course culminating activity. Please note the following:
        1. Do some research! Career Cruising is an excellent source of information, but certainly not the only source. All sources that you use must be Canadian,               and any information that you put on your slideshow or written report    must be in your own words.
        2. Share your project with me ( if you're working on Google.
        3. This project is worth 30% of your final mark - it is a summative assessment that replaces a formal exam - plan your time accordingly.
        4. Remember that your written report is NOT just a script of your oral presentation. Be sure to consult the project outline to include all of the information           required. This project is about a career that YOU chose, and that YOU are       interested in pursuing. Good work on this project pays off for you as you make          important decisions about YOUR future!
  • internal and external influences survey and questions
  • Jennifer's case study
  • letter to yourself - in the lab on Friday to type it out - hand in on Monday  letter to yourself.pdf
Week Sixteen: May 25 - 29
  • my presentation: secondary school teacher
  • personal skills - identify your strongest skills, then complete questions 2 and 3 on the reverse of the handout
  • the 14 essential skills: find someone in the class who....
  • for Monday, June 1: relating the 14 essential skills to the career area that you have selected for your final project  The Essential Skills.pdf
Week Seventeen: June 1 - 5
Career Moves video: answer the 2 questions from the video
time management survey and my responsibilities activity
case study: time management
personal management skills employers want: click here to complete the Workplace Safety assignment WSIB young worker questions.pdf 

Week Eighteen:June 8 - 12
Presentations of course culminating activities - all week = 30% of your final mark
All written reports (provide a printed copy) are due on June 8 at the beginning of class. Presentations (MUST be completed on Prezi or on Google Docs and shared with me: will take place in the following order:
1. Catherine - Social Worker
2. Jessica - Family Physician
3. Andrea - Paediatric Surgeon
4. Lauren - Orthodontist
5. Kurtis - Small Engine Repair
6. Mohini - Dentist
7. Tahani - Nurse
8. Kyle - HVAC
9. Ahmad -
10. Marianne - Interpreter
11. Max - Police Officer
12. Kelti - Animal Care Technician
13. Roshelle - Hair Stylist
14. Fionna - Viticulture
15. Hailey - Diplomat
16. Vanessza - Family Counsellor
17. Abdullahi - Engineering Design
18. Joshua - Military
19. Kanik - Physicist
20. Gabby - Elementary School Teacher
21. Carson - Electrician
22. Sangmin - Photographer
23. Nick - Sports Psychologist
24. Katrina - RCMP
25. Faraz - Biochemical Engineer

Week Nineteen: June 15 - 19
  • Co-op workshop - Monday with Mr. Mazzone

Contents of Career Portfolio (all portfolios are to be handed completed in their entirety and will be returned by June 19)

1. My Personal Traits
2. My First Week
3. EXPLORATIONS booklet results page
4. Career Web diagram
5. Personality Dimensions tests
6. Career Cruising Matchmaker + Skills results
7. Looking to the Future
8. My Personal Skills

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