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Be sure to bring your binder and pen to class everyday!

Extra help is available! Ms Morgan’s schedule for April - June, 2014:

Period 1: Careers Room 2045)

Period 2: French FSF 1D1(Room 2045)

Period 3:  MSIP (Room 2029)

Period 4: Prep (Room 2045)

Period 5: French FSF 1P1 (Room 2045)

MSIP slips are available before school and after school in Room 2045.

        Civics (CHV 2OH) is a half credit course that runs from January 30 - April 11. Remember that there is a final culminating activity (20% of your final mark) called the Citizen's Handbook due April 8 as well as a final exam (10% of your final mark) on Friday, April 11.

Course outline for CHV 2OH:   CHV course outline0.pdf

Achieve now - exempt later!: By meeting all of the criteria for this course, you can be exempt from completing the final exam. The criteria are: term mark of 70%, all major assignments completed (including the course culminating activity), no suspensions from school and regular attendance in class (maximum 5 absences) and MSIP.

Citizen's Handbook project outline (worth 20% of your final mark):   citizens handbook.pdf   citizen handbook rubric0.pdf

For the Citizen's Handbook project, you might consider consulting some of the following websites to help you find appropriate articles. If in doubt about the article that you are interested in, please ask!

You will be notified in April if you are exempt from writing the final exam. In order to be exempt, you must meet all of the criteria (all major assignments, including the course culminating activity, the Citizens Handbook, submitted, less than 5 absences, no suspensions) to be exempt. If you are exempt and choose to write the final exam, your mark cannot decrease.

Local Issues:
The Niagara Falls Review [ ]
The St. Catharines Standard[ ]
The Welland Tribune, [ ]
Niagara This Week[ ]

Provincial / National / International Issues:
The Toronto Star[ ]
The Globe and Mail [ ]

Week One:January 30 -31

  • what issues are facing Canadians today - rank in order based on the class answers and suggest 3 - 5 possible ways to address the main problems
  • Canadian and American symbols
  • Youtube link to "I Am Canadian" video:
  •  "What does being a Canadian mean to me? - complete the brainstorming activity. You are encouraged to consult other people about their perception of what being a Canadian means to them. Then, write a one page journal entry on what you think being a Canadian means (be sure to consult the evaluation rubric)
Week Two: February 3 - 7
  • introduction to the course culminating activity - the Citizen's Handbook
  • article summary: 'Ontario crafting plan to raise minimum wage, but Wynne rebuffs immediate hike to $14'
  • peer-edit and hand in introductory journal entry on Tuesday
  • factors affecting how Canada is governed
  • the circle of citizenship handout - write personal examples of how each level of community affects your life
  • note: leadership styles  leadership styles note.pdf 
  • Who's the Boss assignment (6 questions x 3 marks each)  who is the boss.pdf
  • The Outer Space Experience - complete the debrief assignment (point form / short answers)
  • checkpoint #1 - in the lab on Friday, find one article that is suitable for inclusion in your course culminating activity, the Citizen's Handbook. Print the article and complete the summary template handout to hand in on Monday (I will give you feedback about how appropriate your chosen article is as an issue, and how well you analysed the article)
Week Three: February 10 - 14
  • survey - my leadership style
  • reading assignment: life in Totalitaria
  • democratic terms and definitions
  • fact sheet - government in Canada
  • questions about how Canada's federal government works? Rick Mercer has an explanation
  • island scenario: you are working in a group of 4-5 people to establish the best possible government for your island, while respecting the limitations of the assignment. Go through the checklist on the assignment sheet to meet all of the requirements. On Wednesday, February 19, your group will be presenting your island scenario to the class and you will be defending your decisions as the government of the island to the audience. The project outline is available here:  island scenario.pdf
Week Four: February 17 - 21
  • Island scenario presentations are in class on Wednesday, February 19 and Friday, February 21
  • Island Scenario debrief activity  island debrief questions.pdf: complete and hand in on Monday, February 24
  • course selections for the 2014 - 2015 school year are on Thursday, February 20

Week Five: February 24 - 28
  • checkpoint #2 - - in the lab on Monday, find one article that is suitable for inclusion in your course culminating activity, the Citizen's Handbook. If you have already completed one of the article summaries and received feedback on it, this time choose a different type of article (i.e. if you have already submitted a local article, this time you will submit either a provincial / national or an international article). Print the article and complete the summary template handout to hand in on Monday (I will give you feedback about how appropriate your chosen article is as an issue, and how well you analysed the article)
  • Rick Mercer explains Canadian government structure and levels of responsibilitylevels of govt list.pdf  
  • my daily activities chart and how levels of government are involved in each activity
  • using the textbook Citizenship: Issues and Action, complete the Municipal Government assignment in class. For the last question, the essay response, simply make an outline of your preliminary ideas on either one of the two topics.
  • NIMBY activity: choosing your priorities for a municipality where you live
  • application exercise: Government: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Week Six: March 3 - 7
Week Seven: March 17 - 21
  • hand in the decision making in municipal politics debriefing sheet and essay response on Monday, March 17
  • create a student account at Oxford Next by following the information in this document:  Civics_Pilot_Student_Access.pdf
  • checkpoint #3: in the lab on Monday, find one article that is suitable for inclusion in your course culminating activity, the Citizen's Handbook. If you have already completed one or two of the article summaries and received feedback on it, this time choose a different type of article (i.e. if you have already submitted a local article, this time you will submit either a provincial / national or an international article). Print the article and complete the summary template handout to hand in on Tuesday (I will give you feedback about how appropriate your chosen article is as an issue, and how well you analysed the article)
  • injustice and action: use the student book issued to you today to write a brief response to the top photo on page 20
  • read pages 24 - 29 and write a response to each of the 9 questions in this section
  • Thursday: In lab 1100, read pages 32 and 33 in your CIVICS magazine. Then, log in to the Oxford Next site using the account information you created on Monday. From the top right taskbar, click on 'Source Bundles' and then '22 items' beside the title SOURCE BUNDLE - Ways to bring about change. Review the 22 documents, some of which include external links to webpages or videos. Choose the 4 that are most interesting to you, and complete a PMI chart, and the associated question for each one (use the handout provided).
  • complete the Oxford University Press Student survey about your thoughts on the CIVICS AND CITIZENSHIP program

Week Eight: March 24 - 28
  • after completing 4 PMI charts about issues that are interesting to you, read pages 32 to 37 in the magazine CIVICS AND CITIZENSHIP. As you are reading complete the 9 questions at the bottom of pages 33, 35 and 37.
  • class discussion: problem solving in our community
  • an issue that's important to me - after the class discussion and brainstorming activity, create a graphic organizer of the issue that is most important to you and all of the information that you already know or need to know about it
Week Nine: March 31 - April 4
  • read the following question and write a 2 page (approximately 500 word essay) on the topic for Thursday, April 3  change essay topic.pdf
  • the political spectrum: complete the survey about your views on a range of issues and report your score
  • political spectrum - party groupings and identification of issues most important to your group
  • poll everywhere questions and individual political spectrum answers
Week Ten: April 7 - 11
  • re-form your political spectrum groups. Using your individual answers to the political spectrum questions from friday, create a party platform (a policy for each of the questions that all of the members of your group agree with). Using Google Docs, create a single slide show between all of your group members to explain your platform. We will be presenting these in class on Thursday. Be sure to add my name to your group members list on Google (
  • complete the Citizen's Handbook cover page assignment:
  • Citizen's Handbook project is due Tuesday, April 8  (20% of your final mark) - bring all of your project materials to class to be handed in - email assignments are not acceptable for this project
  • Wednesday: Re-form the groups from Monday. Continue designing a party platform for the group where there is consensus on the policies related to all of the issues listed. Use Google Drive ( and add me ( to the group presentation. We will be presenting this to the class on Thursday. Read the 'Ethical Considerations' handout, and reformulate the platform based on the 'Ethical Decisions Test'. Decide on the one person in the group who will be the spokesperson for the presentation.

  • students who are exempt from writing the final exam will be notified on April 9. Be sure to review the criteria for exemption from the exam. Until you receive notification otherwise, you should be prepared to write the exam.
  • Final Exam in Civics is Friday, April 11 (in-class), consult the exam outline to prepare here:   exam outline.pdf
  • the Civics portion of the course (0.5 credit) is now completed

  • Bridge Project: a Canadian that I admire - presentations on. All of the details of the assignment are here:citizens making a difference 2.pdf
  • present your project to the class on Wednesday, April 16 about a Canadian making a difference in the world and complete the debriefing sheet   admirable Canadian debrief.pdf
Week Eleven: April 14 - 18
  • beginning of the Career Studies course: Review the course outline which was handed out on the first day of the course and be aware of the course expectations, mark distribution and units of study in the course.
  • Course Outline: course outline.pdf
  • Useful links as you begin your career search:
                        Career Interest game
                        Career Cruising

        Interesting article from Yahoo about  interviews

  • Outline of Final Project and Rubrics: final project outline.pdf glc isu eval.pdf
  • DSBN Summer program guide: looking for learning opportunities in July and August 2014? Here is a guide to all of the opportunities available.  
Presentations on Prezi or Google Docs (shared with me: will begin during the last week of regular classes (beginning on Monday, June 9), continuing until all presentations are completed.

Week Twelve: April 21 - 25
  • traits and characteristics of a firefighter, nurse and auto mechanic - answer the 3 questions at the bottom of the handout on personal satisfaction with careers
  • my personal traits - complete the white survey (column A) about your personal traits, and have someone who knows you well from outside of Westlane complete the yellow survey (column B) - due for the beginning of class on Friday
  • complete the EXPLORATIONS booklet (use the handout to record your answers)
  • using the yellow and white sheets about your personal traits, complete the My Personal Traits summary sheet and put it in your Career Portfolio folder
Week Thirteen: April 28 - May 2
  • personal traits that contribute to success / failure at school, in relationships and in the workplace
  • career groups: what extracurriculars, hobbies or volunteer activities could you be doing to gain experience in your chosen career area?
  • question: do your personal traits and abilities support your career interests?
  • Wednesday: log in to Career Cruising. Complete the Matchmaker quiz (there are 116 questions) and the skills assessment and PRINT your results.Using all of this week's information, complete the handout Career Studies - My Second Week
  • Tell me about yourself......
  • Personality Dimensions workshop - Friday
Week Fourteen:May 5 - 9
  • Personality Dimensions workshop (green, gold, blue, orange) - Monday & Tuesday
  • return to Career Crusing and log in. Click on the Careers tab and select 3 careers that interest you and SAVE them to your IPP. Then, conference with Ms Morgan about the career that you would like to research for your final culminating project.
  • Career Moves video and questions
  • interview assignment - we will be presenting your findings from your interviews on Wednesday, May 14  learning from others.pdf
  • Friday: work period on your final culminating activity - if you have not yet completed any of the Career Cruising activities (Career Selector - save 3 careers to your IPP), do this first. Please be sure to advise the teacher about the career that you are researching (if you haven't yet done so)
  • 11th annual Westlane Cares Walk for the Stephen Lewis Foundation is on Friday, May 9
Week Fifteen: May 12 - 16
  • internal / external influences
  • Jennifer's story - complete the case study  jennifer case study.pdf
  • interview presentations Wednesday (remainder on Friday)
  • letter to yourself - Friday  letter to yourself.pdf
  • case studies - answer the questions on the front of the second handout (the reverse is applicable to the ACTION PLAN section of your course culminating activity)
  • select your skills from the list provided (we will be doing the reverse of this sheet on Tuesday)
Week Sixteen: May 19 - 23
  • skills - choose your top 10 skills and then use this information to complete the 2 surveys (transferring your skills to the workplace)
  • Ontario Skills Passport
  • 14 essential skills walkabout
  • simulation: 14 essential skills and changing places
  • essential skills debriefing exercise - on the back of the sheet, provide examples of how this essential skill is used in the career that you are studying for your culminating activity
Week Seventeen: May 26 - 30
  • time management skills surveys and summary - complete the case study questions about Jim's Monday
  • problem-solving skills activity
  • 6 post-secondary options: university, military, community college, direct to work, apprenticeship, private career college - exploring the pros and cons of each destination - true / false exercise and discussion
  • post-secondary destinations: choose 1 of the possible post-secondary destinations from the list and complete the appropriate worksheet about your career preparation:
  • cost of borrowing (use a loan calculator online)
  • financing your education - considering the options, complete the 'quiz' based on today's discussion and visit Scholarships Canada to take a look at sources of funding that may be available to you to help fund your education
  • here's a great article about how to manage your student debt
Week Eighteen:June 2 - 6
  • personal management skills
  • graduation requirements
  • employment standards - 4 groups (employers, employees, unions, government)
Week Nineteen: June 9 - 13
Presentations of course culminating activities - all week = 30% of your final mark
All written reports (provide a printed copy) are due on Monday, June 9. Presentations (MUST be completed on Prezi or on Google Docs and shared with me: will take place in the following order:

Week Twenty: June 16 - 19
Contents of Career Portfolio (all portfolios are to be handed completed in their entirety and will be returned by June 19)

1. My Personal Traits
2. A Summary of your Interests
3. Comparing your interests & abilities
4. Career Crusing Matchmaker & Skills results
5. Career Studies - My Second Week
6. Personality Dimensions package
7. Transferring your skills to the workplace (2 pages)
8. Time Management

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