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Be sure to bring your binder and pen to class everyday!

Extra help is available! Ms Morgan’s schedule for February, 2015:

Period 1: French FSF 1D1 (Room 2045)

Period 2:Prep (Room 2045)

Period 3:  Civics (Room 2045)

Period 4: French FSF 2D1 (Room 2045)

Period 5: Prep (Room 2045)

MSIP slips are available before school and after school in Room 2045.

        Civics (CHV 2OH) is a half credit course that runs from February - April 2015. Remember that there is a final culminating activity (20% of your final mark) called the Citizen's Handbook due April TBD as well as a final exam (10% of your final mark) on April TBD.

Course outline for CHV 2OH:   CHV course outline0.pdf

Achieve now - exempt later!: By meeting all of the criteria for this course, you can be exempt from completing the final exam. The criteria are: term mark of 70%, all major assignments completed (including the course culminating activity), no suspensions from school and regular attendance in class (maximum 5 absences) and MSIP.

Citizen's Handbook project outline (worth 20% of your final mark):   citizens handbook.pdf   citizen handbook rubric0.pdf

For the Citizen's Handbook project, you might consider consulting some of the following websites to help you find appropriate articles. If in doubt about the article that you are interested in, please ask!

You will be notified in April if you are exempt from writing the final exam. In order to be exempt, you must meet all of the criteria (all major assignments, including the course culminating activity, the Citizens Handbook, submitted, less than 5 absences, no suspensions) to be exempt. If you are exempt and choose to write the final exam, your mark cannot decrease.

Local Issues:
The Niagara Falls Review [ ]
The St. Catharines Standard[ ]
The Welland Tribune, [ ]
Niagara This Week[ ]

Provincial / National / International Issues:
The Toronto Star[ ]
The Globe and Mail [ ]

Week One: February 2 - 6

  • what issues are facing Canadians today - rank in order based on the class answers and suggest 3 - 5 possible ways to address the main problems
  • Canadian and American symbols
  • Youtube link to "I Am Canadian" video:
  •  "What does being a Canadian mean to me? - complete the brainstorming activity. You are encouraged to consult other people about their perception of what being a Canadian means to them. Then, write a one page journal entry on what you think being a Canadian means (be sure to consult the evaluation rubric)
Week Two: February 9 - 13

Week Three: February 16 - 20

Week Four: February 23 - 27

Week Five: March 2 - 6

Week Six: March 9 - 13

Week Seven: March 23 - 27

Week Eight: March 30 - April 3

Week Nine: April 6 - 10

Week Ten: April 13 - 17

  • Citizen's Handbook project is due (20% of your final mark) - bring all of your project materials to class to be handed in - email assignments are not acceptable for this project

  • students who are exempt from writing the final exam will be notified on April TBD. Be sure to review the criteria for exemption from the exam. Until you receive notification otherwise, you should be prepared to write the exam.
  • Final Exam in Civics is April TBD (in-class)
  • the Civics portion of the course (0.5 credit) is now completed

  • Bridge Project: a Canadian that I admire - presentations on. All of the details of the assignment are here:citizens making a difference 2.pdf
  • present your project to the class on April TBD about a Canadian making a difference in the world and complete the debriefing sheet   admirable Canadian debrief.pdf
Week Eleven: April 20 - 24
  • beginning of the Career Studies course: Review the course outline which was handed out on the first day of the course and be aware of the course expectations, mark distribution and units of study in the course.
  • Course Outline: course outline.pdf
  • Useful links as you begin your career search:
                        Career Interest game
                        Career Cruising

        Interesting article from Yahoo about  interviews

Presentations on Prezi or Google Docs (shared with me: will begin during the last week of regular classes (beginning on Monday, June 9), continuing until all presentations are completed.

Week Twelve: April 27 - May 1

Week Thirteen: May 4 - 8

Week Fourteen:May 11 - 15

Week Fifteen: May 18 - 22

Week Sixteen: May 25 - 29

Week Seventeen: June 1 - 5

Week Eighteen:June 8 - 12

Week Nineteen: June 15 - 19
Presentations of course culminating activities - all week = 30% of your final mark
All written reports (provide a printed copy) are due on June TBD. Presentations (MUST be completed on Prezi or on Google Docs and shared with me: will take place in the following order:

Contents of Career Portfolio (all portfolios are to be handed completed in their entirety and will be returned by June 19)

1. My Personal Traits
2. A Summary of your Interests
3. Comparing your interests & abilities
4. Career Crusing Matchmaker & Skills results
5. Career Studies - My Second Week
6. Personality Dimensions package
7. Transferring your skills to the workplace (2 pages)
8. Time Management

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