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Using FirstClass at Home

Please print the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE beginning the installation.

Download Windows Client

What to do if you have installed FirstClass at home and cannot connect

1) Ensure that you are using the correct password. Use the same password and username that allows you to log onto a computer in the school.
2) Verify that your password hasn't expired. If it has expired and you haven't yet reset it, FirstClass will not allow you to log in. Currently you can reset your password while logged onto a computer at school by pressing ctrl+alt+del, then clicking "Change Password". If you need to reset your password from home, you can go to http://web.dsbn.edu.on.ca and click the link to the old Webmail program. Log in and go to "Options" to change your password.
3) If you receive a "-1" (minus one) error when you try to log in, open the settings form (at login screen, click the "Setup" button. If you don't see the setup button, click "Advanced" in the lower left corner to expose extra options). Click the button in the lower right corner that says "Flush Cache". Allow the cache to be flushed, then try to log in.
4) From the settings form (at login screen, click the "Setup" button. If you don't see the setup button, click "Advanced" in the lower left corner to expose extra options), verify/change all settings to the following:

  a. Connect Via: Local_Network.fcp (first line)
  b. Delete everything in the User ID field
  c. Delete everything in the Password field
  d. Server: fc.dsbn.edu.on.ca
  e. Verify your settings from above then click Save.

Enter your username and password on the login screen and try connecting.
5) Make sure there is a connection to the internet - open Internet Explorer and browse to a website to verify.
6) Make sure any sort of AntiVirus or Firewall that would prevent an outgoing connection (most commonly Norton will do this) is either configured to allow the outgoing connection or that it is temporarily disabled. If temporarily disabling the software solves the problem, consult the product documentation about allowing outgoing connections to avoid having to disable the software.

If you are unable to sucessfully download, install or connect and have verified the above settings, please contact the Help Desk at 905-641-2929 ext. 4040 or by email at helpdesk@dsbn.edu.on.ca.

Download FirstClass for Win 95/98, Mac or Linux

Palm Conduit Download

Web based Login to FirstClass
Use this only when you are unable to install FirstClass on a computer. You should install the program for use at home(see instructions above).


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